Fall Capsule Wardrobe (For Stay At Home Mamas)

About a week ago (the first day of September to be exact) I woke up to rain, cool temperatures and falling LEAVES.

While it’s not officially autumn according to the seasonal calendar, it’s official IN MY HEART. We still have a few warm days coming but FALL I AM READY FOR YOU.

The pieces in this post can still work even if you aren’t a stay at home mom. If you’re someone who doesn’t need to dress up for a job outside the home but can wear comfy, casual clothing-keep reading!

I’ve stepped up my game, using a clothing styling app called Urstyle. You can select from essentially millions of clothing, shoe and accessory items to create and style a clothing board. It takes a little skill to use the app efficiently but they provide youtube videos to help! You can use the website from your computer (which I prefer) or from the app on your phone.

If you don’t have a capsule wardrobe yet but are interested in putting one together, Urstyle is a fantastic tool to help you do that. Keep in mind (as with the pieces I’m posting) I don’t own these EXACT pieces in the sets I’m sharing. The app links you to buying that item directly. I choose items very similar to what I already own. *Check the bottom of the post for a direct link to the entire wardrobe I assembled for pieces and prices.

I buy almost everything second hand because 1)It’s affordable and 2) It’s sustainable.

Let’s chat FIT. I am 5’1” and around 150 pounds. I carry most of my weight in my belly. I wear leggings pulled up past my belly button and all my jeans have an element of stretch to them. I wear soft, slightly dense materials that hang nicely but don’t overwhelm my body. High waisted pants do not compliment my shape so I wear flowy shirts or sweaters over leggings. If I wear a more fitted top with jeans or leggings, I offset that top with a cropped jacket, something I’ll share an example of below. I can’t rock showing my belly with crop tops and all that, just not my thing.

Let’s jump in and start with BOTTOMS. I own more than what is shown. I own 4 pairs of stretchy black pants/leggings, 2 pairs of grey leggings, 2 pairs of jeans (one skinny fit, one straight leg) and 2 sets of overalls, one light wash and one dark wash. That’s still 10 pieces which I find to be more than enough for me to work with. George brand leggings from Walmart are my favourite leggings right now, not see through but not stifling. My overalls are from Bluenotes (Canada) and my jeans are from Gap.

Can I get a holla for thrifting?! I stick with BASIC colours. I don’t know the exact # of tops that I own currently but I rotate through about 10 of the same tops. If you’re building a capsule wardrobe aim for something similar to the picture. There are 9 tops shown here 7 of which are enough to get you through the week. Start there! For brands I own a lot of Gap, Old Navy and H&M. I find these brands to specifically offer soft materials, a comfy fit and neutral colours.

In Canada where the weather varies, especially during the season of Fall. I don’t like being cold, wet or overly hot so I make sure I have a variety of jackets! Jackets can also be a key item that changes up an outfit. Another reason I like having a few different but functional styles of jackets.

Shoes don’t have to be numerous or complicated. I avoid heels and impractical shoes, especially during the colder months. If you’re a mama, you understand the need for a good slip on tennis shoe. The 3 shoes I wear the most during fall at my Timberland knit sneakers, Naturalizer slip ons and of course, my Blundies! I typically don’t find shoes while thrifting and it’s the one item I don’t mind investing in.

So as a mama of two BABIES I don’t really find accessories practical for my lifestyle right now. I rarely carry a purse and typically carry backpack style diaper bags. Sunglasses, a ball cap, knit cap or scarf would be the other accessories I reach for during fall. I also like a good, giant tote bag! If you are a messy bun wearing type of girl and haven’t tried THIS hat….you should check it out.

Here are some outfits I put together for some ideas! I don’t get too fancy but cute and comfy works well for me!

If you click the picture below of the full capsule wardrobe it will take you to the website with links to all the clothing items.

So there you have it! Whew! A labour of love for you guys. I don’t think of myself as a fashionista or even trendy. I aim for being comfy, cozy and maybe cute sometimes. A capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult to put together but it does take time. I started minimizing my clothing 5 years ago and finally feel like it’s becoming what I’ve wanted. When I realized that I was wearing the same items all the time, it made sense to minimize my clothing. Hopefully I’ve helped you gather some ideas to put together a cute but functional and comfortable fall wardrobe!

Do you work with a capsule wardrobe? What would you call your style? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

7 Ways To Work Through Post-Partum Anxiety and Depression as a Stay At Home Mom

*Edited June 2019

I glance at the clock on the wall for the 100th time today. It’s ONLY 3:30 pm. My husband won’t be home until 7pm. The day is dragging. My 7 month old is teething while my toddler is have meltdowns about literally everything. I’m exhausted, unshowered no one has napped all day and I’m DONE.

I was diagnosed with extreme Postpartum anxiety after the birth of my first son. As I’ve continued to journey through PPA, had another baby and adjusted to other changes in my life, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve done that have helped me through this season of motherhood.

  • Established A Routine: If you know me at all, you know I reside in the camp of pro-sleep training and routines. These things have helped immensely with giving my day a sense of direction and purpose. It can be difficult in the beginning when babies require a lot of daytime sleep. You may feel like you can’t leave your house and that may be true for a few months until they can stay awake for longer periods of time. Find a balance that works for you!

  • Found Mom Friends: This can be hard, I understand. I encourage you to find even one mom friend that you feel comfortable being with and make it a priority to get together (with or without babies) for fellowship. This has brought me LIFE in the toughest of seasons. Social media can be a great tool here, as well. Maybe that looks like a mom group on Facebook or a breastfeeding support group, or play group during the week. Whatever it looks like, find what works for you.
  • Get Myself (and the kids) Out Of The House: I know this is hard too! Trust me. When we had one car it was NOT my favourite thing to juggle taking my husband to work. BUT I have found how important it is to have a change of scenery. You don’t even have to spend money to do this. You can go to the library, community center, parks, indoor rec center with walking tracks, etc. Even now that I have the car every day, I still walk everywhere most days.

  • Meet Your Husband/Partner Halfway: If you can’t get out as easily during the day, find a way to get out in the evening by yourself while your baby daddy holds down the fort. It’s really important to do this! I did this in the winter more often because it was difficult to get out during the daytime. I would drive to the mall and walk around or meet a friend for coffee. It also meant letting go of that control of being the person who predominately cares for my children. I think this goes for letting other family help as well. I’m grateful to my husband’s family who helps us with our boys.
  • Take Care of Your Body. This this this! How you do this is going to look different than the next mama. If you like to work out, do it! If you need a lot of sleep then prioritize that. Take care of your skin and hair. Hydrate and eat nourishing foods. But also, maybe right now is not the time to try some extreme fitness program or diet. Be gentle with your body, she’s done some major work recently. Health is a lifestyle and you get to decide what that looks like for you.
  • Find A Hobby: THIS. Finding something (or a few things) for myself that I enjoy has given me so much life in this season as new mom while struggling with PPA. I’ve always loved writing. I started using essential oils a few years ago. This lead me to experimenting with making my own natural skin care, body and household products. When I had my son, I had an explosion of ideas to write about as well as new products to experiment making. It only made sense to combine the things I loved and start blogging. It really revives me!
  • Have Quiet Time. I’m terrible at this one but I’ve put it back on my list because I know I need it. I’m working on reading a devotional or my bible for a few minutes each day. I know that this is so important for my mind and my soul .

  • Our lives are turned upside down and now we have this human who depends on us for everything. It’s hard not to feel angry or upset sometimes when all we want is five minutes to ourselves. While we may not be able to grab that five minutes in the moment we want it, I do believe it’s possible to make time and practice self-care. Self care will look different for every mama. But you figure out what works for you!

If you struggle with postpartum depression or anxiety, I can truly relate. What we do as moms is an incredibly difficult task. Before I had children, I just had no idea what it would be like. It’s worth it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. I hope you are encouraged by these suggestions and I’d love to hear from you about how you practice self-care in your season of mother hood!