“Time flies over us, but leaves it’s shadow behind.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne

I don’t even know where to start seeing as I haven’t written a blog post in over a year. Many things have changed and yet many things remain the same. My silence on social media has been both intentional and unintentional. Some may think they understand my past vocality and as of late, quiet. I’m best to leave others to their own thoughts as I have my own to sort through.

Since the early of this current year, our family has moved 6 hours to the Ottawa Valley. We purchased a small parcel of land to begin our homestead adventure. Our time has not been without it’s challenges, to say the least. But we don’t regret our decision to move in order to pursue a different life. Our little family knew that the life we desired would not come without sacrifice. And so it seems currently, that we sacrifice in some things but we have gained far more than we could ever imagine. It seems an odd concept to some. We have less in material means and money but more time with one another. We have less friends we associate with but more valuable connections. We’ve been busy working away on our little piece of happiness. We’ve been blessed with kind and generous neighbours both close in proximity and in heart.

Our projects include the peak of harvesting our small garden and subsequently preserving the produce by means of canning, dehydrating and freezing. We currently had 6 apple trees producing more apples than we knew what to do with. But we were working away at it all as fast as our short legs would carry us.

I would heartily agree that we are happier than we’ve ever been before. And while our lifestyle choices don’t seem to line up with the majority of what society demands today, we are more than content to live a quiet, peaceable life. We don’t long for the flourishes of mainstream society. We accept the edging out of what has been deemed necessary by popular demand and we choose what we consider more important for our family. Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing. It is not a concept to behold but a God given right we believe deeply in protecting. We rest in the bountiful blessings God has given us on our homestead, in our relationships and most of all in the Gospel of Jesus. We find peace and hope in knowing that we need not prove our goodness to the Gospel, because it is freely given. There is no virtue in signalling our personal convictions nor does the Gospel of Jesus outline specific deeds to prove our worthiness because we know that worthiness can not be earned. We are worthless apart from God and worthy in His sight through the blood of His Son. That is the best hope to behold today!

Cheers friends, God bless you in your endeavours where ever they may take you. If you find yourself in the Ottawa Valley, please stop by for some homemade bread and jam.



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