How I Made 5 Different Natural Cleaning Solutions With Only 3 Ingredients.

“You want to do WHAT with the vodka?” The liquor store clerk looked at me incredulously.

“I want your cheapest vodka to make household cleaning solutions out of it.” I repeated myself to her.

Maybe your eyeballs are a bit wide right now. Mine were too the first time I read you could use vodka as a house hold cleaner! But the science makes sense. Vodka is typically 40% alcohol and has been proven effective at killing germs and bacteria.

I am on a journey, my friends. I’m learning so much about the nasty chemicals in our common household products. Did you know common household air fresheners like Febreze and Airwick score D’s and F’s on EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning? GROSS. Clorox also FAILS on their rating in nearly every product. EWG scores household cleaners by standards such as hazardous chemicals contained and if the product clearly states all ingredients. You can check them out here.

All that to say: YUCK and NO thank you! I don’t now about you but I’m not keen on having hormone disruptors, carcinogens and chemicals that cause cell mutation in my house. NOT TODAY SATAN. No really.

Here’s the thing. I also don’t have lots of money to shell out on “green” cleaning products. Even if they are fabulous, I can’t afford it. We are a one income family and I’m always looking for ways to save. Of course there is a better way! I’m here to share with you how I recently made 5 different types of household cleaners from 3 ingredients which will save you time AND MONEY.

I know many people love to use things like baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar to clean. I did do that for a few years. I have to be honest-like a good friend of mine once said, “I don’t like my house smelling like a salad.” So, I wanted to find an alternative to vinegar without sacrificing it’s cleaning power.


Ok. Enough. You want to know what my 3 ingredients are?

Vodka, distilled water and essential oils.

From this I’ve made glass cleaner, room and fabric spray, kitchen disinfectant, bathroom disinfectant and hand sanitizer.

*Even if you don’t have essential oils you can still make an effective cleaner out of distilled water and vodka. Essential oils just pack a punch when it comes to cleaning. My bathroom disinfectant will be my example of how I typically make my cleaners.

1 Cup Distilled Water (you can boil water to make it distilled)

1/4 Cup Vodka (any brand)

10 Drops Germ Fighter Essential Oil blend (lemon, clove bud, eucalyptus globulus, cinnamon cassia, and rosemary)

10 Drops Cheer Up Buttercup! Essential Oil Blend (bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange)

Combine all these ingredients in a 16 0z glass bottle with sprayer. I use these exact bottles! You want glass because plastic and essential oils are not a good combination. The oils can leech chemicals from the plastic over time. Use this in your bathroom by spraying, leaving on for a few minutes and wiping down. Be aware of small children when you are using this cleaner. Plant Therapy makes a Kidsafe version of Germ Fighter if you feel more comfortable with that.

The Germ Fighter blend by Plant Therapy is like Thieves and On Guard ingredient wise, substituting lemon for orange. I’ve been loving Plant Therapy. I’ve never tried Doterra or Young Living so I can’t compare Plant Therapy to their oils. But I can say Germ Fighter is an excellent quality blend, from my experience. Cheer Up Buttercup is by a cheaper brand, Now Foods. I use this mostly for aromatic reasons. It smells lovely! *I know I’m contradicting myself as I’m linking these oils to Amazon when I originally said not to purchase from Amazon. If it’s Plant Therapy, I feel ok about it. For all other brands, do your own research.

I get my labels from Michael’s craft store. They aren’t waterproof but they are easy to remove if/when I want to repurpose the bottle. I like to date my cleaning solutions so I know how old they are. I’m still doing research on how long homemade cleaning solutions last. I would think within 6 months you should probably make a fresh batch. If things smell funky, get rid of it! That’s why it’s important to store your cleaners in amber bottles, in cool dark places because you want less oxidation and exposure to heat/sunlight.

There you have it! I’ll be sharing my recipes for my other cleaners but essentially (HAHA) I just switch up the oils I use for different purposes. I don’t think it has to be difficult or expensive to make the switch to cleaner household products. I know I feel at peace using these cleaners in my home around my babies AND I save money doing it!

Do you use natural cleaning products? Do you make your own or buy them pre-made? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. So when you click on a link and purchase something (anything) on Amazon, I make a small commission. Thank you for supporting all the hard work I do here At The Messy Housewife!

6 thoughts on “How I Made 5 Different Natural Cleaning Solutions With Only 3 Ingredients.

  1. I use rubbing alcohol and dish soap for my quartz counter cleaner (and any surface thara germy). I use rubbing alcohol and water for disinfecting things (hello door knobs). Water and vinegar for mirrors, windows and stainless steel. Dish soap and baking soda into a paste for tub scrubbing. 🙂 oh and I add essential oils to most of these mixtures.

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    • Yessss! SO GOOD. I feel like essential oils just make it more enjoyable. I love finding out what oils are good at fighting bacteria and germs. I’m always learning new things! And seriously door knobs and light switches are the worst for germs!! Also-I need to make a good scrubbing paste!


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